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Result of mid calculus II mid semester exam (UTS 1)

March 18, 2009 10 comments

To all of my students in my tutorial class, subject Calculus IIa (T-19), Bu Mul and I finally finished the marking of your mid semester exams.

Klik here to go to my teaching page and go to Calculus IIa to find your exam results.

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Export figures produced in Maple to eps file

March 11, 2009 2 comments

Found the following tips during my PhD candidature. We now can export figures produced in Maple (any versions) to an eps file.

Right clicking on top of the figure using the mouse and choosing the export option do not satisfy me as the figure produced is mathematically ugly.

> plotsetup(postscript, plotoutput=`square_of_x.eps`, plotoptions=`color,portrait,height=350,width=350`);
> plot(x^2,x=-5..5,axes=boxed);
> plotsetup(default);

The first line of the command above will set up maple to create an output file called “square_of_x.eps” in the directory where this maple file located. The second line is the maple command to produce the figure. And the last command is to set up everything back.

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