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Math on the web 2

This is a second edition of Math on the web, in which I try to list mathematical articles around the internet. I found these articles from googling, from social media networks and many more sources. I will write website links that relate to mathematics and its applications that I found from May 2014 until now. I hope you find them interesting because these are really very subjective.

  1. @TopologyFact : Notes on hyperbolic geometry http://ow.ly/wsX8D
    The above link will bring you to a kind of ebook about hyperbolic geometry. To be honest, I have not read it. I just downloaded it and it now sits in my computer hard drive. I got this because in case I want to learn about hyperbolic geometry.
  2. http://paper.li/nick_chater/1317156219
    paper.li is a webpage that (I think) is similar to the (late) google reader. It can bring you the latest information you are interested in and even it can bring you information from social media like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. The link above is a paper created by Nick Chater that brings us information about Mathematical Education. I believe the information will be very useful for mathematics educators like me and you.
  3. @approx_normal: A few awesome bumper stickers here http://visualizingmath.tumblr.com/post/86363962441/i-mathematics
    The link will bring you to various bumper stickers that are very cool when you are mathematicians. I would buy it if there is someone selling these, especially with the Lorrentz Attractor one.
  4. @kdnuggets: Numeric matrix manipulation: cheat sheet for MATLAB, Python NumPy, R, and Julia #DataScience http://buff.ly/1ig68eg I am a fan of mathematical softwares. I could sit in my office for hours trying to understand new language of mathematical softwares. This link will bring us the cheat sheet of some most popular languanges. It is not a complete cheat sheet though as it is only discussing the basic operation of matrices., which can be very useful for people who just begin to learn the language.
  5. @pickover Teachers, introduce your students to the wonders of Hilbert Curves at this awesome website. http://www.datagenetics.com/blog/march22013/index.html
    @pickover is a twitter acount of a mathematician named Cliff Pickover . He is a well known author who has published more than 50 books. Cited from his website, his books explore topics ranging from computers and creativity to art, mathematics, parallel universes, Einstein, time travel, alien life, religion, dimethyltryptamine elves, and the nature of human genius.
    The link above will bring a very introductive article about Hilbert Curve.
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