2018-05-20 Derivation simple linear regression formula

2016-10-08 Heidelberg Laurate Forum 2016

2016-07-20 Taylor method with automatic-differentiation 2

2016-06-13 Taylor method with automatic differentiation

2016-02-19 How to fold a paper into thirds, a real analysis perspective

2016-01-30 My first trying creating a bash script

2016-01-27 How to compute a distance between a point and a line

2014-12-03 My first Coursera course

2014-09-26 Finding a Hopf bifurcation from a cube equation

2014-09-11 Math on the web 2

2014-05-23 Math on the web 1

2014-05-23 Random Numbers in Matlab

2013-10-04 Liapunov exponent computation

2013-02-27 A bit of mathematics out of origami

2012-09-03 Files ouput in C++

2011-07-07 Puzzle on the road – how many combinations of food that I can have ?

2011-05-27 My first logistic bifurcation curve and a bit more

2011-05-12 (Another) Birthday problem puzzle

2011-05-11 Notes on diagonalizable linear operators

2011-05-06 Academic Recharging

2011-05-02 Rope burning logic puzzle (just slightly more generalised)

2011-04-14 Matematika lewat jendela

2010-04-29 Mixture problem in Calculus

2010-03-19 The solvability condition of A x = b when A is not a square matrix

2010-02-05 Installing/Adding new latex packages in ubuntu environment

2009-12-23 Merry Christmas Puzzles

2009-05-19 A geometric proof of trigonometric derivatives

2009-05-11 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is fundamental !

2009-03-11 Export figures produced in Maple to eps file

2009-02-21 LaTeX in my blog

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